• Adriana Nica
Keywords: editorial


Modern medicine, as practiced today, mostly relies on clinical and experimental evidence, attempting to be standardized as accurately as possible in all pathologies, so that diagnostic and therapeutic management is guided by globally validated protocols and guidelines.

In this context, with the help of modern tools and the exponential expansion of the Internet, scientific publication was no longer reserved for a limited number of researchers, but it was possible and even recommended for all practitioners.

Another paradigm shift in relation to academic publishing is about results that can be published. Until recently, publishing two studies with the same research design or accepting the publication of negative results was considered redundant. Now it has become mandatory to replicate studies on the same population or populations as well as to dismantle the negative outcomes to draw the best statistical significance and best practice.

The necessity of scientific publication often puts on the shoulders of young doctors and researchers a burden that is difficult to wear without an adequate previous experience. Wishing to come to their support, I had the initiative to launch this magazine with a broad theme and especially with a very dynamic and enthusiastic editorial team that wants to guide the authors towards improving the articles, thus contributing to the development of their skills and competences in academic publishing.

Also, in order to help those wishing to develop their knowledge about academic research and scientific publishing, we aim to organize a series of courses and workshops to highlight the latest standards on topics such as: research integrity, scientometry, peer-review or open-science.

We invite you to support our approach and become involved in the scientific development of the journal as authors and as well as peer-reviewers.


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