• Mihaela Cristina Andrei Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
  • Khalid Al-Falah Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
  • Razvan Nicolae Teodoreanu Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
  • Nicoleta Ferariu Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest
Keywords: nasal reconstruction, paramedian forehead flap, traumatic amputation


Nasal amputation is a disabling aesthetical and functional deformity, which raised the need for nasal reconstruction. It is very important to use a well-established plastic reconstruction technique because of its importance in the aesthetic of the face. Every structure is important and all the missing layers of the nose must be reconstructed. In our case a three-stage procedure was done. First stage: Reconstruction of the cover using a paramedian forehead flap, harvesting a strut graft to recreate a columella to support the height of the nasal tip. Second stage: Re-elevation of the flap, thinning of the layers, and reconstruction of the framework. Third stage: Division of the pedicle. This type of nasal reconstruction had both good and stable results aesthetically and functionally.


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