• Baki Ekci Department of General Surgery, Halic University School of Medicine, Sutluce, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Gokhan Agturk Department of Physiology, Halic University School of Medicine, Sutluce, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ece Nur Cinar Department of Accident and Emergency, West Middlesex Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hosital NHS Foundation Trust, London
Keywords: primary breast lymphoma, surgical therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy


Primary breast lymphoma (PBL) is breast lymphoma that develops only in the breast without lymphoma disease in any other area of the body. PML constitutes less than 0.5% of all breast cancers. Treatment options are not clear because primary breast lymphomas are rare. The aim of this review is to raise awareness about PBL disease, to give information about its symptoms, choice of diagnosis and treatment methods.


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